Post-War Story

Remembering the Past to Build a Better FutureA visit to a local school in Siem Reap

The era since the end of war in Cambodia remains a difficult one. A country that was highly developed through the 1960’s, lost
a huge portion of its population, especially the educated. Rebuilding continues. The ongoing trials of those responsible for the genocide in our country both provides healing and keeps old wounds open.

The loss of human life we experienced will take generations to overcome. In addition to this emotional scar, many still retain the scars of wounds suffered, including loss of limbs. Landmines that were left behind throughout the years of war continue to be a threat in many parts of the country.

Efforts to rebuild and restore our country and our people are not easy, and will not be quick. But we strive to overcome the horrors of war and build a better future. We cannot do that by forgetting what has happened; but by remembering it, so that the same mistakes are never repeated.



Listen to Khum’s story, and the continuing effect of landmines across Cambodia.

Theary Seng is a human rights activist in Cambodia.

In this interview she talks about Cambodia’s future, and why why all need to be worried about human rights.

Kalyanee Mam escaped Cambodia with her family in 1981.

She has gone on to become a film director, and she talks in these two interviews about her film “A River Changes Course”


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