A Special Visit

We’re grateful for the recent visit from Australia Pacific International students! It was a great day for the War Remnant Museum and we hope you all learned a lot during your day with us!...
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Epidemic Warning

Experts are warning that Cambodia is suffering from a wide spread epidemic of SMILING. It is suspected that the vast majority of 16 million Khmer people have the condition. The origin of the pandemic is unclear and especially unexpected considering...
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4 Faces of Buddha

After visiting the CAMBODIA WAR REMNANTS MUSEUM the next best thing to do in Siem Reap is to check out the temples of ANGKOR WAT. Of particular significance to the museum is the FACE TEMPLE otherwise known as BAYON. The...
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  • Taking a rat to the landmine field

Demining with Rats

African giant pouched rats MDRs (Mine Detection Rats) are trained to sniff out explosive chemicals like TNT in landmines and ignore the scrap metal that metal detectors pick up. This makes them extremely fast  and cost effective landmine detectors. One...
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  • Families Living in Angkor Wat

Families living in Angkor Wat c.1985

This photo montage juxtaposes tourist in Angkor Wat today, with Cambodian families who lived there around 1985. Photos such as the original are rare, and we were lucky to discover it when visiting families nearby. The photos were taken near...
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