• Taking a rat to the landmine field

Demining with Rats

African giant pouched rats MDRs (Mine Detection Rats) are trained to sniff out explosive chemicals like TNT in landmines and ignore the scrap metal that metal detectors pick up. This makes them extremely fast  and cost effective landmine detectors. One...
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It’s easy to find us.

Some people have been finding it difficult to find us but actually it’s very simple. First make sure your Tuk Tuk driver knows the right to head towards MUSEUM,”CAMBODIA WAR REMNANT MUSUEM” on the way to Angkor Wat. Just take...
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A road well travelled.

It’s here at last . We received approval for the construction of a new road. Not only will the road serve as a purpose for visitors to the museum, but an important infrastructure for the local community. Expectant mothers travelling...
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Community Vegetable Planting

Happy Birthday to 600 seedlings planted today for our community vegetable farming program at the museum. We planted Aubergine, Peas, Corn and Longbeans to help support the local community Thank you Moh, and merry planters from the local and expat...
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Rice for Life

We’re proud to be able to assist Rice for Life by organising and helping to distribute 150 bags of rice to communities in need  ...
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Plant a Living Legacy on Apsara Land

We have 1000 trees available to plant at our Museum. Less DUST, Less HEAT, More RAIN…Get involved and be a part of reforestation. Admission to the museum is FREE for the month of September, and tree planting is free at...
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